Location: Museum of Art & History

1:00 – 1:15 pm

Welcome and opening remarks

• George Blumenthal, Chancellor, UC Santa Cruz
• David Marshall, Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts and Executive Dean of the College of Letters and Science, UC Santa Barbara
1:15 – 2:00 pm

Panel: What Are We Doing When We Do The Humanities?

Moderated by William A. Ladusaw, Dean of Humanities, Professor of Linguistics, UC Santa Cruz
• Deborah Gould, Sociology, UC Santa Cruz
• Jennifer A. González, History of Art and Visual Culture, UC Santa Cruz
• Tyrus Miller, Literature, and Vice Dean and Provost of Graduate Studies, UC Santa Cruz
2:00 – 2:45 pm

Panel: The Power of Language

Moderated by Pranav Anand, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, UC Santa Cruz
• Shane Butler, Classics, UC Los Angeles
• Maria Mavroudi, History and Classics, UC Berkeley
• Lara Buchak, Philosophy, UC Berkeley
2:45 – 3:00 pm

Break with coffee and tea

3:00 – 3:45 pm

Panel: Religion and Modernity

Moderated by Nathaniel Deutsch, Professor of History, Director of the Institute for Humanities Research, UC Santa Cruz
• Jacob Dalton, East Asian Languages & Cultures / South & Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley
• Patrick Hyder Patterson, History, UC San Diego
• Mayfair Yang, Religious Studies, East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies, UC Santa Barbara
3:45 – 4:30 pm

Panel: Nationalism and Empire

Gail Hershatter, Professor and Chair of History, UC Santa Cruz
• Dorian Bell, Literature, UC Santa Cruz
• Dana Frank, History, UC Santa Cruz
• Elisabeth Rose Middleton, Native American Studies, UC Davis
• Nicolas Tackett, History, UC Berkeley
4:30 – 4:35 pm

Welcome and Remarks

Nina Simon, Executive Director, Museum of Art & History
4:35 – 6:00 pm

Graduate Poster Sessions and Reception

Vivian Yoonhyong Choi, Anthropology, UC Davis
After Disasters: The Persistence of Insecurity in Sri Lanka
Kelly Feinstein-Johnson, European History, UC Santa Cruz
An Account of Notorious Robbers, Murtherers, and Sporting Ladies: Visual Culture and English Broadside Ballads, 1660-1800
Jenna Gray-Hildenbrand, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara
Negotiating Authority: The Criminalization of Religious Practice in the United States
Bradford Johnston, World Cultures, UC Merced
Technological Evangelism and Providential Destiny: Ronald Regan, SDI, and American Arms Control Policy vis-à-vis the Soviet Union
Rebecca Kaplan, UC San Francisco
Cows, Cattle Owners, and the USDA: Brucellosis, Populations, and Public Health Policy in 20th Century United States
Samantha Matherne, Philosophy, UC Riverside
Art in Perception: Making Perception Aesthetic Again
Tarun Menon, Philosophy, UC San Diego
An Anthropic Approach to the Arrow of Time
Julia Lehua Panko, English, UC Santa Barbara
Dead-Tree Data: Print Novels, Information Storage, and Media Transition, 1910/2010
Erin Pearson, English, UC Irvine
Savage Hunger: Metaphors of Cannibalism and U.S. Slavery
Daniel Quirós, Literature, UC San Diego
Culture, Politics and Neoliberalism: New Subjectives and Representation in Argentina and Central America, 1990s-2000s
Josephine Richstad, English, UC Los Angeles
Fashioning the Fashionable Novel
Jan Roselle, English, UC Riverside
Bodies Under Empire: The Territory of American Feminism
Annette Rubado, Comparative Literature, UC Irvine
Dispossession, the People and the Self: Latin American Fiction and Cinema Mapping Modernization
Matt Russell, Spanish, UC Davis
Postmemory, the Holocaust, and the Re-Moralization of the Historical Memory in Contemporary Spanish Cultural Production
Emily Selove, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UC Los Angeles
Medieval Arabic Party-Crashing